JOURNEY is a self-development experience designed to celebrate bold action for anyone willing to enhance, change, or further develop various aspects of their lives. It’s been experienced by hundreds of clients ranging from students to corner office executives. 

JOURNEY is for you if you’re looking to: 

  • ENHANCE your personal or professional self-development
  • ACHIEVE key aspirations in work, life, and relationships
  • DEFINE a career pathway, change jobs, or explore a new field
  • CONSCIOUSLY navigate crossroads and transitions
  • EFFECTIVELY process through work and life issues 
  • DIG DEEP into what stops you from getting what you truly want in life

This pathway is fueled by robust content from my over two-decade track record advising and coaching clients from all walks of life.

My insight as a Certified Narrative Coach™ and Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach gives me a unique prism through which to see a person’s life.

JOURNEY further draws from extensive research in the areas of 
career development, leadership, personal branding, behavioral psychology, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, and spirituality.   

This program has gone above and beyond any of my expectations. Cindy has not only helped me regain my confidence but has opened my mind to an entirely different way of living, thinking, and dreaming. This is beyond a process; it is a soul journey, a holistic approach that redefines your passions and discovers what makes you tick.” — K.F.

What’s Included With JOURNEY


We begin by having you mindfully pause to answer this thought-provoking question: What do I need most right now to take the next step on my journey?

And what you think you need will continue to evolve as you directly experience this pathway. The more you know about your SELF, the more you grow, develop, and take on new challenges and initiatives  with increased confidence, commitment, and enthusiasm.

You will address incisive, critical questions and inquiries that make you stop, reflect, and honestly look at your life  often through a new perspective.  

To gain the most from JOURNEY, you will need to commit time and energy into the process as you make YOU a priority. 

The outline presented here serves as a basic guide with modifications occurring based upon your specific needs, desires, and goals. One-on-one coaching and advising naturally occurs throughout your experience. Journey’s components include:

  • The Integrative Life Wheel Exercise
  • Five scientifically validated assessments (Highlands Ability Battery and TriMetrix EQ, with five hours of feedback summaries)
  • Core Needs and Core Values
  • Discovery Questions
  • Narrative Coaching Tools/Handouts
  • Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)Tools/Handouts
  • Journey Program Summary
  • Educational Resources


What to Expect with Journey

You will capture, condense, and summarize a vast amount of personalized information. Action steps are positioned throughout the program to help you learn, develop, and create new opportunities and outcomes. 

The program is designed to be completed in several months. Most sessions are one hour in length, either at my office in Charlotte, North Carolina or through phone or video calls.

Ongoing coaching is available after the initial program completion if you want to explore specific areas at a deeper level.

If the full program, as detailed here, does not suit your needs, a series of one-on-one coaching sessions are available. 

Pricing details are discussed in your complimentary initial session.  

Read additional client stories on how JOURNEY has changed the lives of so many people.

Contact me to start a conversation, learn more about the JOURNEY program, and share any questions you may have.