Sustained change requires us to boldly determine what holds us back from reaching our fullest potential. It requires us to dare greatly as we venture into life. 


JOURNEY, a self-development program originally created in 2007, has been experienced by hundreds of clients from students to CEO’s. Individual coaching is also offered as a stand-alone should your needs best fit that arrangement.  

Both structured programs and individual coaching are well-matched for those seeking to:

  • ENHANCE personal or professional self-development
  • ACHIEVE key aspirations in work and life
  • DEFINE a career pathway, change jobs, or explore a new field entirely
  • CONSCIOUSLY move through crossroads and transitions
  • EFFECTIVELY work through work and life issues that often involve interpersonal conflicts.

It draws robust content from over two decades, advising and coaching clients from all walks of life and the profound wisdom attained from my personal and professional career and life development. Added to the mix is knowledge gained from studying career development, leadership, personal branding, behavioral psychology, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, spirituality, and David Drake’s ground-breaking work in the field of Narrative Coaching ™ and Judith Glaser’s framework of Conversational Intelligence ® (C-IQ).  


“This program has gone above and beyond any of my expectations. Cindy has not only helped me regain my confidence but has opened my mind to an entirely different way of living, thinking, and dreaming. This is beyond a process; it is a soul journey, a holistic approach that redefines your passions and discovers what makes you tick. You’ll reveal, identify, and magnify your true strengths. I am now equipped with a toolbox so full of resources that I’m confident stepping into my future. I am eternally grateful for this program. Cindy is not only a coach, a mentor, a motivator, but a friend. Her larger than life heart and personality will guide you along the entire journey.” — K.F.

JOURNEY, has four major components: Self-Identity, Sweet Spots, Saboteurs, and Signature Sauce. 


Who am I?…What do I want?…What really matters?…What’s my why?

Here we take a deep dive into your story; the truthful explanation of what’s happening in your life now, the issues you face, aspirations you seek, and the changes you want to make. We begin this process with three exercises: The Integrative Life Wheel, Core Needs and Values, and Discovery Questions.

The Integrative Life Wheel is a powerful and informative exercise that asks you to rate and describe your level of success and satisfaction in twelve areas: career, health, relationships, money, spirituality, love, fear, stress mastery, play, growth, appearance, and contribution. 

Core Values and Core Needs are identified and discussed in depth. Discovery Questions cause you to really think, feel, and reflect. 

Sweet Spots

You’ll take a broad array of scientifically validated assessments that are utilized to determine strengths, natural abilities, skills, and interests. This assortment of assessments is the-best-of-the-best; I have been using these instruments since 2002:

  • The Highlands Ability Battery Adult, Law, and Leader Versions
  • TTI Talent Insights (Behavior/DISC and Driving Forces)
  • TriMetrix EQ (Behaviors/DISC, Diving Forces, and Emotional Intelligence)

In total, over 125 pages of personal data is generated and includes a comprehensive debrief and interpretation process. This is a vital step in guiding you to determine best-fit work roles in companies and industries that have the greatest potential to bring happiness and success to your life.

“In my introductory session with Cindy, I told her that I had absolutely no idea of my talents and passions. She told me she had a hard time believing that, handed me a letter pad and asked me to write down answers to questions she would ask, related to activities, achievements, and former school projects. Before I knew it, I had listed twenty things I thought I was good at and liked to do. I was stunned!” — A.C.


Here your conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior are revealed, such as negative patterns, fears, self-limiting beliefs, triggers, and how to overcome them. Here’s some examples: Need to win at all cost – Cannot forgive – Passing judgment – Need to be right – Refusing to express regret – Blaming everyone else – Clinging to the past – Masking excuses – Need to be perfect – Not good enough – Not worthy of love.

Our saboteurs often show up in the shadow side of our archetypes, for example: Victim, Drama Queen, Addict, Damsel, Rescuer, and Wounded Child. 

Signature Sauce

Identifying your Self-identity, Saboteurs, and Sweet Spots have led you to creating your Signature Sauce – knowing what makes you, uniquely you. YOU are your most important asset and knowing how to maximize yourself in the eyes of others will play a key role in leveraging your brand value in the marketplace. 

“In the world of work, perception is everything. The art is in controlling the perception, creating an image in someone’s mind that you are viewed in light of what you can do, not what you can’t. It takes developing a personal branding strategy – a process where you create an unforgettable identity that sets you apart from the crowd and emphasizes your unique strengths and natural talent.”  — Cindy Valliere

Throughout the program you’ll summarize and synthesize key insights leaned, capturing a vast amount of information in your journal and notebook binder. You’ll condense over a hundred pages of assessment information into executive summaries. Action is occurring throughout the program as you learn, develop, and create new opportunities and outcomes.  

Program Details

JOURNEY is designed to be completed in several months. Most sessions are one hour, either in person at my office in Charlotte, North Carolina or FaceTime, Skype, other virtual options, or telephone if you are located remote. Ongoing coaching is available after the initial program completion, should you want to explore specific areas deeper.

If the full program, as detailed here, does not suit your needs, one-on-one coaching sessions are available. Pricing details are discussed in your complimentary session.  

Read additional client stories on how JOURNEY has changed the lives of so many people.

Contact Cindy to schedule a complimentary consultation, learn more about the JOURNEY program and address any questions you may have.