About Cindy


Two decades ago, I was fortunate to find my calling: teaching, advising, and coaching life changes in others. Candidly, there is nothing quite like finding your ‘sweet spot’.


My clients speak about my intuitive listening skills and natural ability to create trust and connection which provides a safe space for openness and vulnerability. My decades of entrepreneurial business background have instilled in me a ‘let’s get it done’ mindset as I am clearly results-driven. I take what I do very seriously and am humbled and honored to be invited into the lives of so many extraordinary people.

On a personal basis, I am an aspiring author, dog lover, half-marathon runner, and truly believe the best profession on the planet has been raising my son. As a mom, I’ve traveled alongside him for 30 years, guiding and supporting him along life’s pathway. We began our career work when he was 15 and I’m proud to say his present chosen career path fits him to a tee! 

My professional credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Arizona, a Coach U graduate, and completion of Duke Integrative Medicine’s Health Coach Training Program. I am a credentialed Behavioral and Motivators Analyst with TTI Success Insights.

Additionally, I am a certified Career Consultant with The Highlands Company, publishers of HAB, an abilities career and leadership assessment. In 2017, I completed training to be a Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Coach and Narrative Coaching™ Enhanced Practitioner with certification planned for January 2019.


Clients Share Their Stories

  • “My journey with Cindy has been amazing to say the least. I’m in my mid-20s and wish that I knew about her years ago; things would have a lot clearer regarding my career path. Cindy is such a spiritual inspiration. Everyone deserves to feel the way I do about my life now. ”  E.P.   

  • “My work with Cindy is characterized by transformation. She is at once logical, tough, and nurturing. She has the Socratic gift of bringing out the best in people. I’ve changed but am more my self than ever. Cindy’s in the business of creating winners!” — David Stanley

  • “To say that Cindy has helped me change my life would be the biggest understatement ever told. Meeting her was a miracle and since day one, she has led me to a path of enrichment and self-realization untangling the webs of my life. I often wonder how someone can be as genuine, loving, intuitive, and caring as Cindy is.” — Tandra

  • “I am so grateful for Cindy’s support in my goal to go back to school for my graduate degree. Her work has had such a long-lasting impact; for me, it was life changing! If or when I ever get the chance to espouse the work she does and the value of working with someone like her, I always take the opportunity. — Angela

  •  “The investment of time and energy dedicated to this program is significant, but the return well-worth it. I now have a detailed plan on improving effectiveness at work and home.” — J.B.

  • “Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  You have changed my life completely. I am now clear about what I want to do in the future because you have broken walls inside me I have never been able to breach. You made me think that there is more to this life than what other people wanted me to do.”  Jen

  • “Our clients have seen Cindy’s positive energy, detailed analytical process, and intuitive skills help clients get on the right track or get back on track.”— Dennis G. Stearns, CFP®, ChFC, President, Stearns Financial Group