What new story would you bring to life? What would you like to change?  


Hello! I’m Cindy Valliere, founder of The Self Consultancy®, a wholistic coaching, learning, and development company, that is well-suited for anyone interested in exploring and changing some aspect of their life. As human beings, we naturally speak in “stories”, what we tell ourselves and others about what’s happening in our lives or something that we want to see happen.

Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with extraordinary individuals seeking to change or alter aspects of their lives. Some pursued a calling, championed a movement, or went back to school. Others became more empowered leaders, vacated corporate America to start a business, or worked through a major life transition or crossroad. 

Awaken to what is true, what is possible, and what matters most.

In the narrative process, you will learn how to make choices more consciously to have what you deeply want in life. Objective self-reflection is nearly impossible to do by ourselves. In the context of our stories, we get lost, overwhelmed or confused, with much judgment about ourselves and others. Through a narrative model, you view life in present time, investigate what’s really going on under the surface so you can develop new perspectives and achieve desired outcomes.  

Once you step back and understand the story you presently live, you have the power to change it. You’ll examine the conclusions and illusions you have made about your life, and what it means, what you want, and why it matters. Nothing is quite as impactful as being seen and heard.

It would be a privilege and honor to join you as you journey into your story. It will challenge and test your commitment to yourself more than you can imagine. But the reward is worth it!


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  • Cindy’s ability to drill down on what matters is amazing. She has truly inspired me, challenged me and sharpened my leadership effectiveness, all of which has helped me strike a good balance at work and at home.

    —Massie Flippin, Vice President and City Manager, Liberty Property Trust

  • To say that Cindy has helped me change my life would be the biggest understatement. Since day one, she led me to a path of enrichment and self-evolution untangling the webs of my life. She is genuine, giving, intuitive and caring.


  • My relationship with Cindy is characterized by transformation. I have taken quantum leaps in the areas of confidence, courage and clarity. Under her dynamic influence, I’m a different person, but more myself than ever.

    —D. S., Business Owner

  • Our clients have seen Cindy’s positive energy, detailed analytical process, and intuitive skills help them get back on the right track. We think working with Cindy offers outstanding potential returns.

    —Dennis G. Stearns, CFP, ChFC, President, Stearns Financial Services Group