“Your mind is a storyteller. It defines you, knowingly and unknowingly.”  


Hello! I’m Cindy Valliere, executive coach and founder of The Self Consultancy®, a holistic coaching, learning, and development company committed to helping individuals achieve key aspirations, resolve work and life issues, or successfully move through life changing events.

My coaching practice wholeheartedly embodies a narrative methodology, greatly influenced by David Drake PhD and his pioneering work in the field of narrative coaching. As human beings, we speak in “stories”, what we tell ourselves  and others about something that’s happening in our lives or something that we want to see happen. The narrative model unwinds what we convey in the moment as we narrate what is happening. Our stories become doorways into the real issues at hand as we move through change.   

Stories are our primary resource and catalyst for change.

Narrative coaching holds the space for you to understand yourself, how your life has been impacted by your past, and what needs to be seen through a different lens, so you can make choices more consciously to have what you deeply want in life. Many of us can’t do this alone. In the context of our stories, we get lost, overwhelmed or confused, with much judgment about ourselves and others. Through a narrative model, you reconfigure your story to discover what needs to change and who you need to become to bring a new story to life. 

Real work and life issues are uncovered quickly.

Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with extraordinary individuals seeking to change or alter aspects of their lives. Some pursued a calling, championed a movement, or went back to school. Others became more empowered leaders, vacated corporate America to start a business, or worked through a major life transition or crossroad.

Once you step back and understand the story you are presently living, you have the power to change it. You’ll examine the conclusions and illusions you have made about your life, what it means, what you want, and why it matters. Nothing is quite as impactful as being seen and heard at a deep visceral level; narrative coaching does just that.

It would be a privilege and honor to join you as you journey into your story. It will challenge and test your commitment to yourself more than you can imagine. But the reward is so worth it!

Here’s to bringing your new stories to life!


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  • This journey with Cindy has gone above and beyond my expectations. She has helped me regain my confidence and opened my mind to an entire different way of living and dreaming. I describe this as a soul journey; a holistic approach at redefining your passions and discovering what makes you tick. You’ll reveal, identify and magnify your true strengths.


  • To say that Cindy has helped me change my life would be the biggest understatement ever told. Meeting her was a miracle and since day one, she has led me to a path of enrichment and self-realization untangling the webs of my life. I often wonder how someone can be as genuine, loving, intuitive, and caring as Cindy is.


  • I am so grateful for Cindy’s support in my goal to go back to school for my graduate degree. Her work has had such a long-lasting impact; for me, it was life changing! If or when I ever get the chance to espouse the work she does and the value of working with someone like her, I always take the opportunity.


  • My journey with Cindy has been amazing to say the least. I am 23 years old and wish that I knew about her years ago; things would have been a lot clearer regarding my career path. Cindy is such a spiritual inspiration. Everyone deserves to feel the way I do about my life now.